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Shirsho's Ability: Skin that can absorb almost any liquid/medicine

RP Sample:

She stepped out of the room and stretched, Shirsho wrapped tightly around her. She yawned and walked throughout the halls, making herself focus on every detail, seeing as she was quite bored, and being observant could become an advantage. She cracked her next when she approached the medical room and entered, it had defienetly changed. She smirked happily, change meant new opportunities for herself. She could create lots of things, cures, poisons, genetic mutations. The ideas were limited. She moved to the cabinets and opened one, looking inside at the contents. Lots of interesting things littered the shelves, she decided upon a bottle of a blue liquid marked, 'Healing'. She brought Shirsho around and opened the jar. "Absorb." She commanded, and the plant dove one head into the jar, she watched as the liquid was slowly drained. When it was half-gone she made her companion stop and put the lid back on the jar, setting it back where she found it. She looked more and found a jar labeled, 'poison', that could come in handy, so she used Shirsho's other head to absorb that one to keep the solutions separated. She then closed the cabinet and sat herself on the table near by, she folded her wings around her and picked at them, she really didn't want to venture more, so she would sit here and wait for a new creature to walk through the doors.
I just wanted to announce my formal return to DeviantART. Now that my life is settled and all, I have some free time on my hands again, and I'll be returning actively to this site.. well, hello again I suppose. C:
I just wanted to announce my formal return to DeviantART. Now that my life is settled and all, I have some free time on my hands again, and I'll be returning actively to this site.. well, hello again I suppose. C:


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I should really be on here more ;-;

Hi, Im Espy. give me your points... please?

Newly Weds Doll by Ryla26

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ReasonTheReasonable Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey um I know you probably aren't on dA anymore and probably may never see this message  but I've been looking at your profile for a long time and admired you as an artist but you seemed to drop of the face of the internet before I could say how much of an idol you where to me. So I decided to get the feel of what people call closure to post this useless comment for no reason but to fed the little hope I have of you reading it. So yeah. 
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Miskipz Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Post this message on five different accounts and you'll receive 250 deviantART points it really works
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Miskipz Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Espu! Heard through the grape vine *coughcough*halie*coughcough* that the baby was born! Congrats broski c: I wish both you, Brandon, and the child a happy life uwu
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Miskipz Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey bby, i know we havn't talked in a while and i just wanted to say, Happy Birthay! Im sorry i couldn't say it earlyer but i wasnt allowed on my computer and i couldnt tell Halie to do it for me uwu But, hope you had a good birthday!
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